Antony Jarvis

About Antony

Chartered Management Accountant. Charity Trustee. Dad to 3. Keen cyclist. Rugby fan. Currently walking Wales’ coastal path.

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We’re here to help!  Ask us a finance question and we will get back to you quickly.



  • Franchised Motor Dealerships
  • Motor Industry – Manufacturer
  • Charity
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing / Wholesale
  • International trade

How I help Clients

  • Use experience with team building skills to develop interpersonal communication and motivation within a company’s team
  • Understand the bigger, strategic picture whilst maintaining focus on tactics and short term objectives in order to achieve commercial goals
  • Create credible forecasts to secure continued or new finance
  • Extract data and convert it into meaningful business information
  • Negotiate the very best deals
  • Repair problems with cash flow and provide strong cash management
  • Create and install systems and processes  to provide effective financial controls
  • Strong FOREX & Treasury management

Clients Say

“Dedicated and professional, Antony is a real asset and a joy to work with.”

“Antony’s assistance in preparing for the sale of my business was invaluable. He presented me with a clear, concise and coherent strategy and played a key role in negotiating ‘top dollar’ for the sale price. Bottom line – his advice made me money. I like that in an accountant.”

“The advice and suggestions that I had when setting up my online business were invaluable; Antony’s foresight and knowledge of international transactions saved me a lot of time & money”