95. How to motivate and retain key staff

Setting the Scene When business owners are asked if they intend to bring key staff into the company shareholding fold, the response is often along the lines of: “No, I was going to see them right when the deal gets done.” This response is wrong, or at least short-sighted, on several levels. A bu...
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92. Should May Stay or Should May Go?

Well, what an intriguing last few days we have had! On Friday, 9th June, a hung parliament was confirmed; the British people had spoken and had given Prime Minister Theresa May a resounding raspberry. And despite her gamble backfiring – in no small part to a woefully run and poorly advised campaig...
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90. Taking the Temperature

Tectona was asked by The Business Magazine to take part in one of their insightful sessions called “Taking the Temperature” focusing on key issues affecting small and medium size business. The Panel were asked to consider three issues – or Exam Questions: The chief concerns affecting us all He...
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88. Are you squarely in your Comfort Zone?

First, I do not do holidays! That said, I was fortunate enough to recently spend 2 weeks totally outside my comfort zone. Not in a business context – although there are a huge number of lessons to be learnt, I am sure – but on a “working” holiday with my brother in Indonesia. Now, this [&hel...
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86. My parting gift

After too many years in the accounting profession, I’m hanging up my boots.  No more statements on Transfer Pricing, no more pleas to our Institute  to drown FRED 50, no more commentaries on the property market, the pensions industry, or  the ludicrous valuations of loss-making web-based busine...
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84. Mark Nicholls on xTEN Podcast – Episode 18

Mark Nicholls, our Managing Director, was recently interviewed on the xTEN podcast with William Buist. In the interview, Mark delves into how a part-time financial director, from Tectona Partnership or otherwise, can support small businesses with their continued operations and growth. You can listen...
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EU darts board


The upcoming vote to leave the EU is purely a political tool to try to heal the rift and divisions in the Tory party, made flesh by the beer-swilling Cheshire Cat, Farage.  While there are parts of the Labour Party that are at best lukewarm about the institution, the idea of even considering leavin...
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75. How Can I Squirrel Cash From Somewhere?

Question I am the owner and manager of a boutique executive search consultancy business. The business turns over about £5m and I have half a dozen billing consultants who, like me, are heavily involved in business development. In addition we have a small team of researchers and a couple of support...
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sage or xero

69. Sage Or Xero – Which Camp Are You In?

Over 20 years ago, this probably wouldn’t have even been asked as Sage was advertising that 80% of accountants would recommend their software over that of their rivals’. The campaign that featured this statistic was so successful that the whole education and training industry focused on Sage tec...
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