94. What are the differences between AI and machine learning and VR and AR?
AI (Artificial Intelligence) is often defined as the ability to make computers do things that require a degree of intelligence
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92. Should May Stay or Should May Go?
Well, what an intriguing last few days we have had! On Friday, 9th June, a hung parliament was confirmed; the
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91. Solving the currency conundrum
It is tough to predict and anticipate currency fluctuations at the best of times, but the events of 2017 so
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90. Taking the Temperature
Tectona was asked by The Business Magazine to take part in one of their insightful sessions called “Taking the Temperature”
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89. What Is A “Pivotal Moment” – And What Might It Mean For You?
Whatever stage of growth or maturity of your business you will at some point experience what we might call “pivotal
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88. Are you squarely in your Comfort Zone?
First, I do not do holidays! That said, I was fortunate enough to recently spend 2 weeks totally outside my
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87. How the Tectona Way can save you money when recruiting senior staff
In an earlier article we looked at alternative way of getting specialist director resource into your business rather than defaulting
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86. My parting gift
After too many years in the accounting profession, I’m hanging up my boots.  No more statements on Transfer Pricing, no
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85. How (and Why) 1 + 1 Really Can Make 3
Employing or needing a full time Finance Director/CFO – have a look at the Tectona way. The traditional approach A
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