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Want to get your finances straightened out?  Need to improve cash flow and profitability?  Tectona provides exceptional Part Time Finance Directors for ambitious businesses.  Flexible, cost-effective and no long commitments.

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The Tectona Entrepreneur’s Guide Series

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Download Now: EG4: How to Manage the Changing Currency Climate

Things can change in an instant, especially if you have any Foreign Exchange exposure.  If you transfer money between countries, you are going to notice a difference.

Some of the changes are going to be as a direct result of Brexit; others will be because of the UK striking new trade deals across the world.

If you aren’t prepared for the changes, you could be left significantly out of pocket.


EG3 The Tectona Entrepreneur’s Guide: Profitability – keep the wind in your sales


> 8 pages of in-depth expert advice

> Learn how to keep your sales buoyant

> What area could you look at for a cost effective business

> Advice about claiming grants and minimising tax

> The value of good housekeeping in your business


EG2 The Tectona Entrepreneur’s Guide: Secrets of the Cash Flow Masters


> 8-page in-depth guide for business growth

> Seven tips to support your business’ cash flow management

> Written by Tectona Team experts

> Create cash flow management systems

> Advice you can use now

Entrepreneur's Guide to Measuring what Matters

EG1: The Tectona Entrepreneur’s Guide: Measuring what Matters to your Business


> 30-page guide for growing businesses

> 11 comprehensive articles packed with information, ideas and practical tools>

> Case studies

> Written by 9 expert contributors

> Steps for creating a practically useful KPI process


> look at your financial strengths and weaknesses so we can focus effort on areas of greatest risk and return

> improve cash flow

> improve profitability by identifying ways to optimise income and reduce costs

> improve financial control through better management information

> find business funding, including asset finance, equity finance and debt funding

> improve your relationship with your bank

> improve your relationship and work out problems with HMRC tax

> calculate the value of your business

> when the time comes, work out the best way to sell your business

Listen to our Managing Director, Mark Nicholls, on the xTen Podcast!

In the interview, Mark delves into how a part-time financial director, from Tectona Partnership or otherwise, can support small businesses with their continued operations and growth.

You can listen to the podcast here:


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The Tectona Blog is published 2-4 times per month.  We send you topical ideas, resources and advice on how to improve your financial management, cash flow, profitability and business growth.